MASTPOL is a manufacturer of variety top quality products made of steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Founded in 1987, the company has a production area of 5000 m2 and almost 100 employees. Nearly 90% of production is for the marine industry. The remaining 10% is a custom and atypical production.



Railings and balustrades
Yacht fittings
Ladders and davits
Anchors and anchor winches
Steering wheels and rudders
Fuel tanks and others
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The company is constantly increasing its production capacity and expanding the machinery fleet by investing in modern technologies.

This has led to the opening of new divisions of industrial plant construction components, stainless steel furniture and health service equipment.

CNC laser cutting
Plates bending
3D tube bending
CNC water jet cutting
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Quality control



Designed in cooperation with NASA engineers the BRUKER S1 SORTER spectrometer is a device that measures the chemical composition of a wide range of material types using a penetrating X-ray beam. Scans quickly and accurately the selected material presenting the results on an LCD screen. It is used to check the quality and composition of provided raw materials.

Salt chamber:


Chamber TQC VF7705 is a completely reliable tool allowing to perform an accelerated corrosion test on the supplied raw materials. The test involves placing a sample of raw material in the chamber and subjecting it to salt mist simulating marine conditions. 1h test equals 100 days in marine conditions. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to quickly and easily protect the company against defective materials at already the delivery stage.



The SIC E9-P62 marker is a portable device in the form of a pistol which, using pneumatic engraving technology, strikes in the plane of the product the individual characters requested by the operator via a graphic controller. With this system, marked products will not be confused with products from other suppliers.



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