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eko industrie is a company specializing in reducing hose hiddens costs and speeding up their assembly by personalising and delivering just-in-time Smart OEM kits.

Since 1997 (as Eko-Plast) company's team has been supplying hoses, connectors, and accessories for the shipbuilding sector and designed for use mainly in the construction of motor yachts.


Hoses for:

Designed for tight spaces, made of perfectly matched rubber mixtures for flexibility and durability.

Applied technical innovations have made it possible to obtain higher resistance of hoses to vibrations and significantly extend their lifetime.

Hoses are made in accordance with international standards, which minimizes the risk of breakdowns and the associated high costs of repair service.

They are characterized by resistance to salt contained in sea water and air, and temperatures both low and high do not change their properties.

Smart OEM kits

They significantly reduce purchase costs and production times


They are sets of hoses, tubes and cables cut to the correct length, on which the indicated accessories can be mounted to eliminate preparation costs on your side.

Each section will be properly marked to shorten identification times and eliminate assembly errors.

Finished semi-finished products can be bundled and packed in the correct order to synchronize taking out the box with each production operation.

Each set may contain check-lists informing about the content and connection points, as well as instructions for correct montage, easy to understand even for employees with no experience, and even those who can’t speak the local language.

Industry 4.0 - automation, robotics and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Smart
Indstry 4.0

Industry 4.0
Eko Industrie is working on an intelligent platform, which is an extension of our Cloud Computing. Thanks to it, it will be possible to make changes to the technical specifications of sets, such as their composition, length of individual elements, quantity, descriptions or packing order. The customers will be able to make changes remotely, which will shorten and simplify implementation procedures to a minimum. Everything will be able to take place even just before the start of production in our plant. It will not only be possible to track production, but the algorithm will also indicate the next free production date if it exceeds the forecasted quantities.

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