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External mattresses are well suited for applications in humid environments such as: outdoor furniture, boating, camping, beach and pool.

Made of the best materials:


A load bearing foam that dries much faster because of its extremely porous cell structure. Dryfeel® is so open celled that water can just drain right through it, significantly reducing drying time, whilst retaining those all important comfort characteristics you need to relax and enjoy life outdoors. 

Other foams available on request

Soft Marine

Sanwil Soft Marine B544

  • Upholstery fabric, the advantage of which is increased resistance to atmospheric factors.

  • The properties of SOFT MARINE also include oil resistance, resistance to physiological fluids as well as salt and sugar.

  • High resistance to abrasion, hydrolysis and the development of fungi and bacteria.

  • Used as upholstery fabric for furniture of ships and public places (hotels, restaurants, cafes).

Other fabrics available on request

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