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Demand for RIB production is growing very fast.


MARKOS boats can be over 12m long,

with inboard or outboard engines.

Equipped with the passenger „jockey” seats

or cargo space, with open deck or canopy.


RIBs production demands highly advanced technologies. Such boats have to be both very light to achieve high speeds, on the other hand, they have to be heavy-duty to resist huge load rising after wave hit.

That’s why MARKOS use special heavy-duty materials and vacuum infusion technology,

which allows for much lighter constructions in comparison with traditional technologies.

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It’s not widely known, that these boats are multipurpose.

Due to their performance, they are successfully used by the police, firefighters, coast guard and army.


Shallowly submerged hulls with a characteristic rubber tube around

and mighty engines at transom can be visible more often during the summer.

A ride in such a boat with the speed over 100 km/h it’s true attraction for tourists!

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